Waymo to pilot self-driving trucks in Atlanta trial

Self-driving car developer Waymo is to launch a self-driving truck pilot in Atlanta, Georgia, in which its trucks will carry freight destined for Google’s data centres.

The pilot scheme – a partnership with Google’s logistics team – will see Waymo operating its self-driving trucks in one of the biggest logistics hubs in the US.

The company has been conducting road tests of its self-driving trucks in California and Arizona over the last year. Its trucks use the same suite of custom-built sensors as its self-driving minivans, and the same self-driving software.

During the trials, trained drivers will sit in the cab of each self-driving truck to monitor systems and take back control if required.

Waymo hopes to use the pilot to develop its self-driving truck technology and integrate it into shipping and carrier operations in the region. 

“Trucking is a vital part of the America economy, and we believe self-driving technology has the potential to make this sector safer and even stronger,” said Waymo’s team in a blog post announcing the pilot.