US rail yard to deploy self-driving vehicles

A US rail yard will become the first in the country to deploy self-driving vehicles, after Harbor Rail Services of California selected COAST Autonomous to provide self-driving vehicles at the Kinney County Railport (KCRP) in Texas.

Harbor Rail has chosen the autonomous vehicle developer to support KCRP in a number of areas, including staff transportation, the delivery of supplies and equipment, perimeter security and lawn mowing. COAST has completed 3D mapping of the facility, with its first self-driving vehicle set to begin service next month.

“At a large facility like KCRP, we have many functions that I am convinced can be carried out by COAST vehicles,” said Harbor Rail President Mark Myronowicz. “This will free up additional labor to work on railcars, make us even more efficient, help keep the facility safe at night and even cut the grass when most of us are asleep.”

David Hickey, Chairman and CEO of COAST Autonomous, said: “KCRP is exactly the type of facility that will show how self-driving technology can improve efficiency and cut costs.

“While the futuristic vision of driverless cars has grabbed most of the headlines, COAST’s team has been focused on useful mobility solutions that can actually be deployed and create tremendous value for private sites, campuses and urban centers.

“Just as railroads are often the unsung heroes of the logistics industry, COAST-powered vehicles will happily go about their jobs unnoticed and quietly change the world.”

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