UK government prepares for remote control parking and motorway assistance technology

The UK government today set out proposals to change the Highway Code and relevant regulations to allow the use of remote control parking on British roads, and prepare for the widespread use of motorway assistance technology.

By updating existing rules, the government hopes the law can keep pace with the steady stream of advanced drive technologies being released by vehicle manufacturers.

“The government is determined that Britain should lead the way in embracing the safe deployment of new vehicle technology,” said Transport Minister Jesse Norman, announcing the start of a six-week consultation on the proposed changes.

“Features such as remote control parking and motorway assist have the potential to transform car travel, adding greater convenience and accessibility to drivers, so that they can park and drive with more confidence.”

Remote control parking is seen as particularly beneficial for people with limited mobility because of its potential to make more places accessible. The technology can even help those parking in small garages, or squeezing into spaces next to badly parked vehicles. 

Meanwhile, the government believes that cars with improved cruise control functions can contribute to more energy efficient driving on UK roads.

“Manufacturers invest billions in engineering technology to enhance driver comfort, safety and convenience, so these proposals, providing clarity and confidence to consumers, are good news,” said SMMT Chief Executive Mike Hawes.

“We welcome government’s continued commitment to keep the UK at the forefront of connected and autonomous vehicle development and rollout.”