UK competition for connected and autonomous vehicle cyber-security announced

The UK’s Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles has partnered with Innovate UK and self-driving hub Zenzic to launch a new competition to support the development of a connected and autonomous vehicle cyber-security test facility.

Businesses will compete for a slice of some £2 million that has been made available by the bodies, with up to five organisations being awarded a grant to define a cyber-physical connected and autonomous vehicle test facility.

The competition requires participants to fulfil three requirements:

  1. Find ways to measure cyber-physical resilience and maintain cyber-security for vehicles, roadside infrastructure, supporting services, etc.

  2. Provide input specifications for one or more new cyber test facilities.

  3. Explore commercial opportunities to develop new cyber-related services in the UK and global connected and autonomous vehicle marketplace.

Each project must also address one of five themes:

  1. Monitoring – determine and develop techniques to monitor the cyber-health of connected and autonomous vehicles and supporting infrastructure.

  2. Threats to connected vehicle networks – determine how to use physical and virtual testing to identify and mitigate against complex threats.

  3. Threats to automated vehicles – investigate how individual automated vehicles may be able to develop resilience and respond to cyber-attacks.

  4. Countermeasure and risk mitigation – determine suitable scalable techniques that could be deployed as cyber-threat countermeasures and what processes could be undertaken as risk mitigation.

  5. Other areas of cyber-security that may improve the safety and security of vehicle occupants, service users, other road users and safety at any scale.

In addition to the grant funding, the eventual winners will gain support and guidance from CCAV and Zenzic as they develop their plans.

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