TRI-AD and CARMERA partner on automated vehicle maps

Automated driving software developer Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development (TRI-AD) and high definition (HD) mapping company CARMERA have announced a collaboration aimed at developing HD maps for automated vehicles using camera data.

The partners will conduct a proof of concept trial in Tokyo to explore the development of the camera-based automation of HD maps for urban and surface roads.

TRI-AD and CARMERA will place cameras in Toyota test vehicles to collect data over several months from areas of downtown Tokyo. Images from these cameras and other data gathered from the vehicles will be processed on CARMERA’s real-time platform to automatically generate HD map data.

“Currently automated driving map development relies on highly expensive specialized mapping vehicles deployed in limited numbers, and a lengthy manual process for reliable HD map creation,” said Mandali Khalesi, Vice President Automated Driving at TRI-AD.

“We’re excited to partner with CARMERA to automate HD map generation and help enable automated driving mobility for all.”

The partners are seeking to tackle the challenge of creating and maintaining maps for urban areas and local roads, to build on the work already underway to create HD maps of highways.

Ultimately, the partners believe that if HD maps can be generated based on data acquired from commercially available vehicles around the world, it could help to enable automated driving on all roads.

Ro Gupta, CEO at CARMERA, said: “CARMERA was founded to deploy next-generation street intelligence at low cost, high speed and automotive-grade reliability, in order to democratize autonomous mobility at global scale.

“We're excited to collaborate with TRI-AD in putting the flexibility and modularity of our platform to work to build HD maps, beginning with one of the largest and most dynamic urban environments in the world.“

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