Toyota to explore how drivers use and respond to automated vehicle technologies

Toyota’s Collaborative Safety Research Center (CSRC) has announced five new research projects to better understand how drivers use and respond to advanced vehicle technologies, including automated driver assistance systems.

Four of the research projects will focus on societal acceptance of emerging vehicle technologies. They will also generate data-driven insights into their use, aimed at supporting their effective integration, fostering safer driving behaviours and exploring potential solutions to risky driving behaviour.

“The development of advanced vehicle technologies may be progressing faster than the ability of some people to fully understand their capabilities, and it’s important to identify how drivers actually understand and use these emerging systems,” said Chuck Gulash, director of CSRC.

“By working with our partner institutions, and openly sharing our insights with the broader automotive, government, NGO, and technology communities, we believe we can help progress society’s acceptance of these new and promising technologies.”

The projects will launch as part of CSRC Next, a five-year programme focused on a safe transition to future forms of mobility. The studies will be undertaken in partnership with five US research institutions – George Mason University, Rockville Institute, University of Washington, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, and San Francisco State University – with data from each project shared between them to help speed up research.