Toyota and NTT to collaborate on connected car technology R&D

Toyota and NTT today announced that the two companies have agreed to collaborate on developing and standardising technology for connected cars.
The partnership will combine Toyota’s automotive technologies with the NTT Group’s information and communication technologies. 

The firms will share their knowledge and harness big data from vehicles to carry out joint research and development of the technologies needed to solve various societal issues, including reducing traffic accidents and congestion.

The partners will also seek to provide new mobility services for customers, as part of a bid to develop a sustainable ‘Smart Mobility Society’. 

The companies will collaborate in the following areas:

  • Building and administering a platform for collecting huge amounts of connected vehicle information and other data, and distributing, analysing and processing this data in real time
  • Assessing the infrastructure and data centre requirements to support the safe collection and distribution of large amounts of vehicle data
  • Conducting studies to assess and test the communication technologies required to support connected vehicles
  • Developing technologies to provide user-friendly services for drivers that combine advice based on the vehicle environment, voice interaction technology and other technologies, using artificial intelligence.

To assess the feasibility of their connected car plans, the companies plan to conduct a field trial in 2018.