Torc Robotics and AAA partner on self-driving car safety

Autonomous vehicle technology company Torc Robotics has announced a partnership with AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah to develop safety criteria for self-driving cars.

Through a testing programme on public streets, the partners will collect data from the various safety cases they encounter while driving, using Torc’s self-driving system, Asimov.

The partners will build on Torc’s previously collected testing data by gathering data in Las Vegas this year and in other cities “in the near future”.

“Self-driving vehicles have the potential to dramatically reduce traffic fatalities on our roadways, most of which are caused by human error,” said Tim Condon, President & CEO of AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah.

“By creating a blueprint for automakers to follow, we hope to build public trust in technology that could save and enrich millions of lives.”

Torc Robotics CEO Michael Fleming said: “Autonomous technology will only bring a transportation revolution once it is safe enough and widely adopted.

“We continue to refine our proven technology and are now working on helping to integrate self-driving cars into society.”