Tesla most trusted brand to bring self-driving car to market, finds poll

A new study has found that almost a quarter (24%) of current car shoppers rate Tesla as the company they trust the most to bring to market a self-driving vehicle.

However, found the study by Autolist.com, the electric carmaker’s reputation among consumers is slipping, compared to a 2018 version of the same survey that found that 32% of consumers ranked Tesla as the company they trusted the most.

“Tesla’s reputation as a leader in the autonomous space has taken a hit over the last year,” said Chase Disher, analyst at Autolist. “While its semi-autonomous Autopilot system has a loyal following and great name recognition, several high-profile crashes and concerns about its driver monitoring system may be eroding the public’s impression of Tesla as a potential leader in the self-driving space.”

The highest-ranked legacy carmaker in the survey was Toyota, ranked by 18% of respondents as their most-trusted brand, while General Motors saw the biggest increase in consumer trust, moving from 9% to 15% in this year’s study.

Meanwhile, Uber, which hit headlines in 2018 following a fatal crash involving one of its self-driving test vehicles in Arizona, was cited by 7% of respondents as their most-trusted company, a small increase from the 6% it polled in last year’s study.

Just over a fifth of those surveyed (22%) said that they didn’t trust any company to bring a self-driving car to market in 2019, a drop from 27% in last year’s poll.

“It’s important to remember that currently, no automaker offers a fully autonomous or self-driving vehicle,” said Disher. “And the reality is that this tech is likely years away from being ready.”

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