SK Telecom deploys 5G infrastructure for K-City autonomous testing

Korean telecoms company SK Telecom has announced that it has successfully deployed 5G infrastructure in K-City, the country’s pilot city for self-driving. 

The company said that the deployment, carried out with Korea Transportation Safety Authority (KOTSA), makes K-City the world’s first 5G infrastructure-equipped test city for autonomous driving.

K-City will serve as a self-driving testing facility where companies can trial their 5G autonomous driving technology and speed up its technological development.

The facility, located southwest of Seoul, offers a variety of test driving lanes, allowing companies to try out their technology in real-world driving conditions, such as a school zone and bus lane.

“We will keep developing 5G infrastructure in K-City so that we can make it at the forefront of 5G self-driving,” said Park Jin-hyo, EVP, ICT R&D Center at SK Telecom.

Lee Jong-Ho, Senior Vice President and Vehicle Unit Leader at SK Telecom, said: “We will continue to work with KOTSA to make K-City a mecca for self-driving research and development.”