Singapore publishes national autonomous vehicle standards

Singapore’s enterprise development agency, Enterprise Singapore, has published a set of provisional national standards aimed at guiding the development and deployment of fully autonomous vehicles in the city-state.

The standard, Technical Reference 68 (TR68), covers four key areas of autonomous vehicle deployment: vehicle behaviour, the functional safety of vehicles, cybersecurity and data formats.

TR68 was developed in consultation with the autonomous vehicle industry, research and higher learning institutions and government agencies. These efforts were supported by the Singapore Standards Council, Land Transport Authority and Singapore Manufacturing Federation-Standards Development Organisation.

“The joint development of TR 68 reflects the close collaboration between the AV industry and Government as well as research institutions and institutes of higher learning,” said Loh Ngai Seng, Permanent Secretary for Transport and Chairman of the Committee on Autonomous Road Transport for Singapore.

“As we work together with the industry to prepare for the pilot deployment of autonomous vehicles in Punggol, Tengah and Jurong Innovation District in the early 2020s, we hope that TR 68 will guide AV industry players in the safe and effective deployment of AVs in Singapore.”

Tan Nai Kwan, Chief Robotics Engineer and Vice President, Robotics Business Group, Singapore Technologies Engineering Land Systems Ltd said: “TR 68 is much welcomed by the industry as it provides autonomous vehicle developers like ST Engineering with clear guidelines that are benchmarked against international standards. This will ensure a smooth transition from the development to the operationalisation of autonomous vehicles in Singapore.”

Choy Sauw Kook, Director-General, Quality and Excellence Group, Enterprise Singapore said: “In addition to safety, TR 68 provides a strong foundation that will ensure interoperability of data and cybersecurity that are necessary for the deployment of AVs in an urban environment.

“The TR 68 will also help to build up the AV ecosystem including startups and SMEs as well as Testing, Inspection and Certification service providers.”