SF Motors testing autonomous technology on Silicon Valley’s streets

Intelligent and connected vehicle developer SF Motors has begun test driving its autonomous technology on public roads in Silicon Valley, after it received a testing permit from California’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

“On the heels of receiving our autonomous vehicle test permit in California, we believe this is the ideal time to begin putting our research to the test as we prepare to unveil our intelligent electric vehicles equipped with advanced autonomous and connectivity systems,” said John Zhang, CEO of SF Motors.

The company finalised a multi-year agreement in 2016 with the University of Michigan to conduct proprietary joint research on advanced automated driving systems.

SF Motors says that the progress made in autonomous technologies as a result of this investment – in areas such as multi-object detection and tracking, and high-performance vehicle motion control – is supporting the firm’s new product development.

The company is conducting test drives in both California and Michigan, and is also testing its autonomous driving vehicles in China. It plans to unveil an intelligent electric concept vehicle later this month.

“We will utilize our strength in system integration as well as supplier partnerships to overcome the many challenges in bringing autonomous driving to the global markets,” said the company’s CTO Yifan Tang.