Self-driving floor scrubber set to clean up in Japan

With Japan in the midst of the country’s largest labour shortage in more than 40 years, companies are apparently struggling to find workers to fill cleaning and facilities management roles.

So it’s perhaps timely that Canadian robotics firm Avidbots has announced a distribution agreement with technology products supplier Macnica for its self-driving floor cleaning robot, Neo.

Macnica will distribute the autonomous floor cleaning robot across Japan, coming to the aid of businesses that are having trouble recruiting cleaners.

“We have customers that simply can’t find enough staff to clean their facilities, or they are losing cleaners due to retirement,” said Macnica’s Director of New Business Development Tomokazu Kanazawa.

The company will provide support for Neo to customers in a variety of target industries, including airports, shopping malls and offices.

“Japan is one of the most tech-forward nations on the planet and is also suffering from a significant labor shortage. We are extremely excited to partner with Macnica as it allows us to further actualize our vision of bringing robots to everyday life and expanding human potential,” said Avidbots CEO Faizan Sheikh.