Self-driving bus pilot project launched at Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport Company and transport operator De Lijn have announced that they are to go ahead with a pilot project for a self-driving electric bus at the airport.

The two companies entered into a partnership in 2015 with the intention of deploying self-driving shuttles on the airport grounds.

Brussels Airport Company CEO Arnaud Feist said that the firm regularly looks for new ways to expand the airport as an intermodal transport hub.

“This technologically innovative project to have a self-driving electric bus operating a fixed route, also fits in with our environmental commitment to keep the impact on our surroundings as low as possible,” said Feist.

Driverless vehicle developer 2GetThere will work on the project, with development and off-site testing of the technology set to last until 2020. The partners plan to carry out further testing at the airport in early 2020.

The self-driving vehicle being developed for the project is expected to be one of the first in Belgium to operate in mixed traffic.

“In other countries driverless vehicles are already operational, but that is often in a separate lane with a steward on board,” said Flemish Minister for Mobility Ben Weyts.

“Here, the aim is to have the self-driving shuttle drive autonomously on the public roads.”