Scania announces semi-autonomous truck platooning agreement with Ahola Transport

Transport solutions provider Scania has announced a partnership agreement with Finnish company Ahola Transport for semi-autonomous truck platooning on public roads.

Ahola Transport Oyj will use Scania trucks and technology to test semi-autonomous platooning formations with three or more connected trucks on Finnish motorways. While drivers will be present in each truck during the tests, the driver in the first truck will control the whole platoon.

The partnership will also focus on developing other new driver assistance-related transport technologies. The two companies believe such trials are essential for new transport technologies, as public acceptance and legislation are developed in parallel.

“Ahola Transport is a progressive company that has embraced digitalisation to optimise its transport operations and route planning,” said Anders Dewoon, Director of New Business Solutions at Scania.

“With partners such as Ahola Transport, we can together test new technologies that will form part of a future transport ecosystem and verify that it is both effective and safe.”

Hans Ahola, CEO of Ahola Transport, said: “For us it is important to enhance our drivers’ work situation with help of new technology. The planned solutions also help us to meet customer expectations for faster deliveries and environmental targets.”