SAE International updates driving automation infographic

Engineering association SAE International this week released an updated visual chart to explain its ‘Levels of Driving Automation’ standard (J3016TM), which sets out the six different levels of driving automation, ranging from no automation to full automation.

The new chart has been designed to offer more consumer-friendly terms and definitions for each of the six levels, which are regularly referred to by the industry and media.

SAE International says that the updated graphic will help to eliminate confusion by providing clarity about what is involved in each level of driving automation and using terminology that is more familiar to consumers.

The standard was originally issued to help speed the delivery of an initial regulatory framework and best practices for the automated driving industry, guiding manufacturers and other organisations in the safe design, development, testing and deployment of highly automated vehicles. 


Updated visual chart defining SAE International levels of driving automation (Image credit: SAE International)


The standard was used by the U.S. Department of Transportation in its ‘Federal Automated Vehicles Policy’ and has also been adopted across the automated vehicle industry.