RPA publishes roadmap for autonomous vehicles

Regional Plan Association (RPA) this week published a report offering cities and their suburbs a roadmap for how to prepare for the arrival of autonomous vehicles into the tri-state (New York–New Jersey–Connecticut) metropolitan region.

RPA has assumed significant take-up of autonomous vehicles for the report, estimating that 70-90% of vehicles could be autonomous by 2045.

In its report – New Mobility: Autonomous Vehicles and the Region – RPA says that it is in the region’s best interest to prepare for autonomous vehicles, rather than letting the technology dictate the evolution of cities and suburban areas.

The report sets out a number of recommendations to help policy-makers plan for the introduction of autonomous vehicles in both urban and suburban areas.

“Autonomous vehicles are one of the most exciting emerging mobility solutions right now-- but one with many unknowns,” said Rich Barone, RPA’s Vice President for Transportation.

“Urban and suburban transportation planners must be proactive to ensure that autonomous vehicle technology is deployed in a way that maximizes public benefit and does not repeat the mistakes of the automobile era.”