Postmates unveils autonomous delivery vehicle

On-demand delivery firm Postmates has announced the launch of an autonomous delivery rover, ‘Serve’, to make deliveries from the company’s network of restaurants and stores.

The autonomous delivery vehicle, which has a range of 30 miles, will be deployed initially in the Los Angeles area, with a view to rolling it out in key US cities over the next 12 months. Customers will interact with Serve using a touchscreen and cameras.

Serve was developed internally after the company analysed millions of deliveries and researched delivery interactions to help it create an autonomous delivery vehicle from scratch.

“We realized we are in a unique position to create an autonomous delivery vehicle with socially aware navigation that understands how to navigate cities while meeting specific customer needs,” said Bastian Lehmann, co-founder & CEO, Postmates.

“We took a design-first approach with Serve that walks alongside people and fits into our communities. We were able to use data to model how food and goods could move around cities even more efficiently when rovers join our existing fleet of more than 350,000 Postmates.

“Ultimately, we believe that goods should move through cities at nearly zero cost to consumers.”