On-demand, driverless vehicle arrives in Perth

The city of Perth in Western Australia has welcomed one of the world’s first driverless, on-demand vehicles with the unveiling of the RAC ‘Intellicar’.

The vehicle, designed as a shared mobility service, is the newest addition to the automotive club’s automated vehicle programme, and is supported by the Western Australian Government and NAVYA, the vehicle manufacturer.

“Human error is the cause of the vast majority of road deaths and serious injuries, so if we can help Western Australia and Australia safely transition to driverless vehicles sooner, hundreds of Australian lives could be saved,“ said RAC Group CEO Terry Agnew.

“Every year, the cars we drive are becoming increasingly automated, and the adoption of these new technologies by manufacturers is only accelerating.  

“Over coming years, vehicle automation will become more prolific within our transport network, which is why it’s critical we conduct trials like these to better understand the potential impacts and opportunities,” said Agnew.

“Having a robust understanding of the technology and what it means for Western Australia will help develop a roadmap for the safe transition to our driverless future,” he added.

NAVYA CEO, Christophe Sapet, said: “Australia is a strategic place to test, showcase and deploy new technologies in the region. The governments’, as well as RAC’s, enthusiasm for new vehicle technology, innovation and the need to make smart mobility solutions readily available to the community in this part of the world has led us to confirm one of our trials here in Western Australia.”

RAC expects to take delivery of additional Intellicars later this year, and will work with the Western Australian Government to identify potential trial locations, with public trials planned for 2019.