Nuro launches unmanned self-driving delivery service

Self-driving vehicle developer Nuro has launched an unmanned delivery service for grocery shoppers in Scottsdale, Arizona, who can now have their purchases delivered by the company’s self-driving, unmanned vehicle, the R1.

The company is seeking to transform local commerce by providing self-driving delivery vehicles with a focus on safety for all road users.

Earlier this year, Nuro partnered with grocery retailer Kroger for a pilot of its autonomous grocery delivery service, using a fleet of self-driving Toyota Priuses.

“After launching this service in August with our fleet of self-driving Priuses, we’ve completed roughly one thousand deliveries, received best-in-class customer satisfaction ratings, and freed up many hours of our customers’ time,” said Nuro’s Co-Founder Dave Ferguson in a blog post announcing the launch.

Nuro’s technical teams designed and built the R1 from scratch, aiming to develop a custom vehicle designed for autonomous goods transportation.

During the initial phase of its deployment, Nuro has robot operators who monitor the R1 and can take control at any time.

“While this first unmanned service represents the culmination of many years of work, it also represents another beginning. For this may be the first, but it will be followed by many more: more vehicles, more cities, and more services,” said Ferguson.