NLA warns of jobs threat from autonomous vehicles

The National Limousine Association (NLA) has written an open letter to President Trump calling on him to ‘protect the American worker’ from the threat from autonomous vehicles.

“As technology continues to improve by leaps and bounds, individuals have faced increasing threats as jobs become automated,” wrote NLA Co-Founder Scott Solombrino.

“The latest of these threats is coming from autonomous motor vehicles (AVs), and the views and practices put forth by the companies advocating for their development.”

The NLA’s letter refers to Uber’s plans to move from its current model to one where it owns a fleet of autonomous cars, saying that the company had “built its existence on the hard work and labor of its drivers”.

“Now it has publicly stated that its goal is to rid itself of the majority of its workforce,” the letter continued, referring to a recent quote in The Guardian from Uber’s Head of Automotive Alliances, Jeff Miller.

The latest of these threats is coming from autonomous motor vehicles

The NLA believes that more than 1.8 million truck driving jobs alone are at risk from autonomous vehicles.

“While it is true that this technology can be adapted to greatly enhance road safety,” wrote Solombrino, “it cannot be implemented at the expense of the millions of drivers who depend on this income to survive.”

The NLA called on President Trump to ensure the people who voted for him are “well represented throughout all stages of the process” if autonomous technologies are to move forward.

Solombrino urged the President to come to the aid of American drivers, noting: “Drivers are voters, computers are not.”