New Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill formally introduced by UK Government

The UK government has formally introduced the new Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill, which sets out to enable insurance for driverless cars on UK roads.

Under the bill, which yesterday received its first reading in the House of Commons, all drivers of automated vehicles will need to be insured and any victims of collisions involving an automated vehicle will have quick and easy access to compensation, said the government.

“Insurers wholeheartedly support the development of automated vehicles, as they have the potential to significantly reduce the large number of road accidents caused by driver error,” said James Dalton, Director of General Insurance Policy at the ABI.

“We support the approach the government has taken in the bill, as this will give the industry time to prepare for the commercial rollout of fully automated driving technology.”

The bill will also require all UK motorway services and large petrol retailers to install chargepoints for electric cars.

A previous bill aimed at providing for a single insurance product for automated vehicles – the Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill – was introduced to Parliament earlier this year but fell after UK Prime Minister Theresa May called an unscheduled General Election.

“We are pleased to see the provisions of the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill re-starting their passage through the Parliamentary process,” said Steve Gooding, Director of the RAC Foundation.