Law Commission to review UK’s regulatory framework for driverless vehicles

As policymakers around the world plan for the advent of driverless vehicles, the Law Commission – an independent body responsible for reviewing laws in England and Wales – has announced that it will undertake a far-reaching review of the regulatory framework for road-based automated vehicles.

The UK government plans to have fully driverless cars on the roads by 2021. The Commission will consider any gaps or uncertainty in existing laws, and what reforms may be necessary to strengthen the regulatory framework for automated vehicles in the future.

Through significant public engagement during its three-year project, the Commission aims to build public confidence in the safe use of driverless vehicles.

The Commission’s focus on automated vehicles is one of 14 new project areas it is exploring, out of 220 ideas originally suggested in a public consultation.

“We want to help tackle injustices by making the law simpler, clearer and fit for the future,” said Law Commission Chair and Court of Appeal judge Sir David Bean.

“We will also be making sure the law supports cutting edge technical innovation such as automated vehicles and smart contracts.”