Intel partners with industry on automated driving safety framework

Mobileye’s parent company, Intel, has collaborated with 10 companies involved in automotive and autonomous driving technology to publish a framework for the design, development, verification and validation of safe automated passenger vehicles.

The paper, Safety First for Automated Driving, sets out 12 guiding principles for automated vehicle safety and the steps necessary to realise them.

“Industry collaboration on the safety of automated vehicles is key to realizing a safe and responsible autonomous future,” said Jack Weast, Intel senior principal engineer and vice president of Automated Vehicle Standards at Mobileye, an Intel company.

“We are proud to have contributed to the groundbreaking work to establish a framework for introducing automated vehicles that are safe by design. We look forward to collaboration with additional industry partners on this comprehensive framework as well as on Intel’s RSS model.”

Intel’s model for safer automated vehicle decision-making is known as Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS). The company believes that developing automated vehicles that are verifiably safe by design will be critical to delivering higher levels of autonomy on public roads.

The framework seeks to bring together expertise from leading carmakers, suppliers and technology providers to provide the industry’s first comprehensive guidance for developing safe-by-design automated vehicles.

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