Head of auto show calls for global standards body for autonomous vehicles

A worldwide advocacy group should be created that would develop and promote the use of a single set of engineering standards for autonomous vehicle manufacturers.

That’s the view of John O’Donnell, President of the Washington, D.C. Auto Show, who pointed to a lack of meaningful standards for autonomous vehicles in a speech in Beijing this week.

This absence of consistent standards has hampered the development of autonomous vehicles, warned O’Donnell, who called for immediate action to ensure that self-driving technology can progress safely and quickly around the world.

He suggested that such a group could be called the Global Autonomous Vehicle Engineering Organization (GAVEO), and would include members from six major car-making nations.

“The time for GAVEO is now, while the autonomous industry is still in its relative infancy,” said O’Donnell.

“Standardization will make vehicles safer and greatly benefit the consumers who will eventually buy, own and operate self-driving vehicles, while creating stability for automakers, technology companies, and government leaders around the world.”

Noting that similar global bodies are common in other areas of technology, O’Donnell said that such an organisation should include engineers from countries where major carmakers are headquartered, including China, Germany, India, Japan, South Korea, the UK and the US.

By having a single set of engineering standards for autonomous vehicles, the car show head believes that countries could then use these standards to develop regulations appropriate to their individual requirements.