GSMA warns on EU connected car technology plans

The GSMA, the global body that represents the interests of mobile operators, has warned that the European Commission’s choice of technology in its connected car legislation risks undercutting its own 5G Action Plan and ignores the technological innovation offered by Cellular-V2X (C-V2X) connectivity.

The GSMA is urging EU Member States and the European Parliament to reject the proposed rules favouring wi-fi technology to connect cars across Europe, and instead to remain open to more advanced technologies, such as C-V2X.

The industry body warned that the new legislation – the Delegated Act on Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) – risks hindering 5G deployment in Europe thanks to the decision to prioritise 802.11p wi-fi technology.

While the GSMA supports the legislation’s ambition to make European roads safer, it said that the Commission’s plan to use an “outdated” technology for C-ITS “does a disservice to European drivers and industry”.

The trade association argues that C-V2X is fast becoming the worldwide standard for communication between vehicles and with roadside infrastructure, and that North America and China are already progressing with the technology standard.

“This piece of legislation relies on a biased view of technology and impedes innovation,” said Afke Schaart, VP & Head of Europe at the GSMA.

“If the EU stays on this road, it will isolate itself further in the global 5G race and severely harm 5G investment in Europe.”

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