Fully autonomous delivery vehicle launched by Nuro

(Image courtesy of Nuro)

(Image courtesy of Nuro)

Autonomous vehicle developer Nuro has officially launched, unveiling a self-driving vehicle designed to move goods between businesses, neighbourhoods and homes.

Nuro hopes that its fully autonomous vehicle, which is about half the width of a passenger car, can help to reshape the cost structure of goods transportation.

“We started Nuro to make products that will have a massive impact on the things we do every day,” said the company’s Co-founder Dave Ferguson.

“Our world-class software, hardware, and product teams have spent the past 18 months applying their expertise to deliver on this mission. The result is a self-driving vehicle designed to run your errands for you. It is poised to change the way that businesses interact with their local customers.”


Nuro plans to forge partnerships with businesses seeking new ways to transport goods cost effectively.

The company also announced that it has raised $92 million in two rounds of Series A funding, led by Banyan Capital and Greylock Partners, respectively.

Nuro is not the only company seeking to capture the autonomous vehicle delivery market.

A California-based firm, udelv, has just launched an autonomous last-mile delivery vehicle, while a partnership with the GATEway Project saw Ocado Technology, a division of UK online-only supermarket Ocado, carry out the UK’s first driverless grocery delivery last year.