EasyMile launches updated driverless shuttle

Self-driving shuttle developer EasyMile has announced the launch of a new driverless shuttle that it says is the first worldwide to be ready for operations without an onboard attendant.

The new EZ10 shuttle, an electric vehicle capable of carrying up to 15 passengers, is equipped with a brand new safety architecture and promises to provide an enhanced passenger experience with cushioned seats, seat belts and wheelchair anchor points compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The company has been operating a shuttle deployment for the last eight months that relies purely on a remote supervisor, with no human back-up attendant on board. The shuttle is monitored from a remote control centre through a real-time data stream, allowing a supervisor to communicate with passengers.

Gilbert Gagnaire, founder and CEO of EasyMile, said: “EasyMile’s technology has now reached a maturity and reliability level that allows us to deploy EZ10 shuttles without an attendant on board. Right now they are mostly used in controlled environments, but as our software progresses they will be able to run in more complex environments.

“Passengers’ feedback has been very positive on all our tests and the legislation around the world is now coming together to enable this step forward.”

The EZ10 is today the most deployed autonomous shuttle in the world, operating in over 230 sites across 26 countries.

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