Drivers want ADAS for road construction zones, finds poll

Many motorists are yet to be convinced about the merits of fully driverless cars, according to a regular stream of consumer surveys.

But new research shows that there continues to be strong support for one element of automated driving – the use of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

"Advanced driver assistance systems increase safety and have already prevented many accidents"

Frank Jourdan, Continental

According to the study from Continental, approval rates for ADAS remained fairly stable in Germany and the US over the last five years, while rising from 55% to 68% in China.

And one area where motorists believe they could particularly benefit from driver assistance, noted the research, is when driving through narrow road construction zones.

Two-thirds of drivers in Germany (66%) would like to use systems such as side distance control, found the poll, as would six in ten US motorists (61%).

Separately, the study found that almost half of motorists in Germany, the US and China, along with a third of Japanese drivers, admitted to having been involved in rear-end collisions.

“Advanced driver assistance systems increase safety and have already prevented many accidents,” said Frank Jourdan, member of the Executive Board for Continental and responsible for the Chassis & Safety division.

“Emergency brake assistance systems are invaluable when it comes to avoiding rear-end collisions. The anticipatory system identifies an impending risk, warns the driver and supports emergency braking or brakes itself if the driver does not respond in time.”

The research also found that one in five American motorists admitted to having been involved in an accident resulting in personal injury; this figure dropped to one in seven in Germany and nearly one in ten in China.