Driverless delivery car to be unveiled in London

A new technology start-up, the Academy of Robotics, hopes to shake up the delivery market when it unveils its electric autonomous vehicle, Kar-Go, to the public.

The vehicle, which uses a combination of advanced robotics and driverless vehicle technology, is designed to drive autonomously on unmarked roads, such as in residential areas.

The company will unveil its prototype autonomous vehicle to investors, retail partners and invited guests in London next week.

Kar-Go is partnering with car manufacturer Pilgrim and has already met the necessary legal requirements from the UK’s Centre for Autonomous Vehicles.

William Sachiti, founder of the Academy of Robotics, said: “We can now modify vehicles by adding our driverless car sensors, A.I. software and our package management system, which consists of compartments each containing packages belonging to different customers.

“As the vehicle arrives at each delivery address, the system automatically selects the package belonging to the corresponding customer.

Image courtesy of Academy of Robotics

Image courtesy of Academy of Robotics

“So far, we have a working prototype robot which can drive itself on unmarked roads and pavements between any two locations. We are also simultaneously working with Pilgrim to create our street legal versions.”

Sachiti, an entrepreneur whose previous ventures include a company offering solar-powered digital advertising on outdoor bins and a digital concierge service, launched Kar-Go last year.

The company will shortly unveil its autonomous delivery vehicle and plans to launch its first delivery with a major household FMCG brand later this year.