Driverless concept car on display at new London exhibition

A new exhibition at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), looking at tomorrow’s technologies, is giving visitors the opportunity to experience an autonomous concept car.

Visitors to the museum’s exhibition, ‘The Future Starts Here’, will be able to take a seat in the SEDRIC (Self-Driving Car) autonomous concept car and experience how it interacts with passengers. 

The car, which is being presented by exhibition sponsors the Volkswagen Group, demonstrates the company’s vision for autonomous future mobility. 

The autonomous concept vehicle imagines how the interior of a driverless car might be designed, allowing passengers to work or catch up on sleep. Visitors can enter the cabin to experience the journeys of different Sedric passengers in a range of situations throughout London.

The Sedric exhibit asks visitors to consider the broader questions implied by driverless technology, such as how a car makes decisions if there is no driver, and who establishes the rules and is responsible for those decisions.

“We are extremely grateful to Volkswagen for their generous support of this exhibition,” said Tristram Hunt, Director of the V&A. 

“With their focus on developing sustainable mobility for the future, there is great synergy with some of the key themes in The Future Starts Here. I hope that all of our visitors will enjoy the driverless car simulation provided by Volkswagen within the exhibition.”

The exhibition, which explores the cultural effects of new technologies and design, runs until 4 November.