Delphi and Blackberry QNX team up on autonomous driving operating system

Autonomous driving technology company Delphi Automotive has announced a commercial partnership agreement with Blackberry, which will see Blackberry QNX provide the operating system for Delphi’s autonomous driving system.

The two partners will collaborate to bolster the operating system’s software performance and safety.

“With cyberattacks and threats to connected vehicles on the rise, it is imperative that auto manufacturers are provided with software that is safety certified, reliable and secure,” said John Wall, SVP and GM of BlackBerry QNX.

Delphi plans to launch its automated driving solution, Centralized Sensing Localization and Planning (CSLP), in 2019.

“BlackBerry QNX will provide a robust software infrastructure for CSLP and help advance Delphi's autonomous driving system,” said Glen De Vos, Delphi senior vice president and chief technology officer.

“Safety in high performance computing systems is paramount to a production ready autonomous driving solution.”