Could connected cars help to detect potholes?

They’re the bane of many motorists’ lives – badly maintained road surfaces littered with potholes.

But this barrier to smooth driving could one day disappear with the help of connected vehicles, according to Highways England, which has just released a consultation on its vision for an intelligent road network.

According to the body’s Strategic Road Network Initial Report, an intelligent network supported by connected vehicles could improve the efficiency of road maintenance, while aiding road safety.

Highways England expects technology to play an increasingly major role in keeping people moving on the country’s roads. The company even envisages drones flying overhead to report back on incidents and improve its response times.

“Because people’s journeys are important to us we are setting out our high level aspirations which will help ensure the network continues to drive economic growth, jobs and prosperity, and keeps traffic moving today, and into the future,” said Highways England Chief Executive Jim O’Sullivan.

In its consultation, Highways England also sets out the steps it expects to be involved in preparing the country’s roads for connected and autonomous vehicles, such as providing network connectivity and supporting the rollout of dedicated roads for connected and autonomous vehicles.