Continental and NVIDIA partner on AI self-driving vehicle systems

NVIDIA and Continental have announced a partnership to create artificial intelligence (AI) self-driving vehicle systems built on NVIDIA’s DRIVE platform. The companies plan to introduce the autonomous vehicle systems to the market in 2021.

The partners plan to collaborate on producing scalable AI computer systems that will support everything from the features required for Level 2 autonomy to full Level 5 self-driving capabilities, in vehicles with no steering wheel or pedals.

Engineering teams from each company will work together on self-driving solutions that combine the NVIDIA DRIVE platform with Continental’s sensor technologies.

“The vehicle of the future will be a sensing, planning and acting computer on wheels. The complexity of autonomous driving requires nothing less than the full computational horsepower of an AI supercomputer,” said Dr. Elmar Degenhart, CEO of Continental.

“Together with the performance and flexibility of NVIDIA’s AI self-driving solution, from the cloud to the car we will achieve new levels of safety, comfort and personalization for future vehicles.”

Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, said: “We now have all the key elements in place to take AI self-driving cars from development to mass production.

“Our newly arrived DRIVE Xavier processor, extensive NVIDIA DRIVE software, and cloud-to-car approach for testing, validation and functional safety, combined with Continental’s expertise and global reach, will bring autonomous cars to the world.”

The partners will initially develop highly automated driving features, including 360-degree perception and automatic lane changing on highways, and the ability to merge in traffic. The system will also integrate HD maps.