Canadian insurers to discuss implications of driverless cars

On 16 February, the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) and the Insurance Institute of Ontario will host a live webcast with four panellists discussing the insurance implications of automated vehicles.

“As automation in cars on our roads increases, it poses many questions for the insurance industry,” said Peter Hohman, President and CEO of the Insurance Institute of Canada. 

“How will autonomous vehicles impact auto insurance and driver liability? How will coverage be impacted? How can we champion the remarkable potential to reduce traffic accidents? As an industry, we must fully understand the implications and prepare to respond.”

A number of panellists will discuss the potential insurance implications of driverless cars, including Paul Kovacs, author of Automated Vehicles: Implications for the Insurance Industry in Canada; Bill Warden, National Director, Product Management, Economical Insurance; Ron Shaw, retired Chief Administrative Officer for the city of Stratford; and Rick Orr, Owner, Orr Insurance & Investment Group, Stratford, Ontario.

“It’s a critical time to become engaged in the discussion surrounding driverless cars,” said IBAO CEO Colin Simpson.

“Automated vehicles have become a very real product with real implications for drivers, passengers and policies.”