Bosch wins innovation award for driverless valet parking system

An app-based driverless valet parking system that uses connected technology to locate parking spots and park a vehicle without its driver has been recognised with a technology innovation award.

Frost & Sullivan awarded Bosch the 2017 European Technology Innovation Award for its driverless system, Automated Valet Parking (AVP), following analysis of the Intelligent Parking Systems industry.

The system includes sensors for the parking garage infrastructure and communications technology. On arrival at a parking garage drop-off area, the driver uses a smartphone app to connect with the garage. Having calculated the best route to the next available parking spot, the infrastructure sensors guide the vehicle into the space.

“Bosch’s driverless system, AVP, offers a seamless solution for parking garages that benefits both owners of parking garages and individual drivers,” said Frost & Sullivan Senior Analyst Anirudh Venkitaraman.

“Bosch’s AVP technology has applications beyond parking, and Frost & Sullivan has determined this technology opens up additional services and new business models, such as automated task fulfillment like bringing the car in for a wash or scheduled maintenance,” continued Venkitaraman.

“The AVP is a vital milestone in the automated driving technology development roadmap and this innovative technology solution is perfect for safe garage parking and shows tremendous potential for future applications as well.”