Bosch to test automated vehicles on Victorian roads

The Victorian government has announced that Bosch has been awarded funding and granted the state’s first Automated Driving System permit for the on-road testing of highly automated driving systems.

The Australian state’s Acting Premier, Jacinta Allan, said that Bosch will receive $2.3 million from its Connected and Automated Vehicle Trial Grants Program, along with the permit to test automated vehicle technology in the first on-road trial in rural Victoria.

“Victoria is leading the nation in the future of on-road technology and this trial is an exciting step towards driverless vehicles hitting the road,” said Allan.

“The tragic fact is that you’re five times as likely to be killed on a rural road than in the city. That’s why we’re rolling out a record roads investment in rural Victoria – and this is another way we can improve safety and save lives.”

Victoria finalised regulations last year to support the Automated Driving System permit scheme, authorising the use of automated vehicles on its roads for testing and development.

Bosch is currently developing its automated vehicle technology and will begin testing on high-speed rural roads later this year. The trial aims to use the technology to improve safety on rural Victorian roads, and will expose the automated vehicle to a range of different traffic, weather and infrastructure conditions.

“Bosch is a proud leader in vehicle safety systems and is eager to commence this trial with technologies that will show how we can improve road safety and reduce road trauma on rural roads,” said Bosch Australia President Gavin Smith.