Bosch and NVIDIA collaborate on AI self-driving computer

Automotive supplier Bosch announced this week that is working with AI computing company NVIDIA to develop artificial intelligence self-driving systems for mass market cars

The AI self-driving car computer will be built on NVIDIA’s deep learning software and hardware, which allows vehicles to be trained in the complexities of driving, operated autonomously and updated over the air with new features.

The collaboration was announced by Bosch CEO Dr. Volkmar Denner during a keynote address at Bosch Group’s annual Internet of Things conference, Bosch Connected World, in Berlin.

“Self-driving cars is a challenge that can finally be solved with recent breakthroughs in deep learning and artificial intelligence,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, NVIDIA’s founder and CEO.

“Automated driving makes roads safer, and artificial intelligence is the key to making that happen,” said Denner. “We are making the car smart.”