Blackberry launches cybersecurity consulting services for connected vehicles

As new technology and greater connectivity continue to be introduced in modern vehicles, software and services firm Blackberry sees cybersecurity as being top of mind for carmakers.

To address the issue and help to eliminate security vulnerabilities within connected and autonomous vehicles, the firm this week announced the launch of new cybersecurity consulting services, which it will offer directly and through a new partner programme.

Its first partner will be Spring Cloud, a supplier of autonomous driving AI platforms in South Korea. Spring Cloud will work with Blackberry to provide the new consulting services to a range of automotive technology providers.

“When it comes to connected cars, there is no safety without security,” said Carl Wiese, the company’s Global Head of Sales.

“BlackBerry's cybersecurity consulting practice builds on decades of experience in information security, data protection and cyber-resilience to support our clients in protecting their most valuable assets.

“As hacking evolves and new threats arise, our new cybersecurity consulting services will help play a critical role in the development of secure connected and autonomous vehicles,” said Wiese.