Autonomous vehicles networking alliance seeks to shape future of in-vehicle networking technologies

The Volkswagen Group of America, Aquantia, Bosch, Continental and NVIDIA have announced the formation of the Networking for Autonomous Vehicles (NAV) Alliance, which aims to try and shape the future of in-vehicle networking technologies, as society moves closer to autonomous driving.

Self-driving cars will constantly analyse vast amounts of data in order to ensure the safest possible experience for passengers, pedestrians and other vehicles.

As such vehicles effectively become data centres on wheels, there is an emerging need for a new breed of in-vehicle networking solutions that can rapidly transmit data between high-resolution sensors, cameras and processing engines, according to the Alliance.

“Volkswagen Group of America is pleased to join the NAV Alliance as a founding member because we are aiming to provide the best self-driving experience for our customers,” said Dr. Matthias Erb, EVP & Chief Engineering Officer NAR, Volkswagen Group of America. 

“The Volkswagen team is looking forward to collaborating with other alliance members to advance the safety and ease of use for autonomous vehicles while bringing them to market faster.”

Among the group’s objectives are the development of new specifications and building consensus for new technologies associated with Multi-Gig Ethernet automotive networking. 

Members also plan to create procedures and testing requirements to ensure that in-vehicle networks are interoperable, secure and reliable; promote products that adhere to the new specifications; liaise with standards bodies and promote standardisation; and build awareness and educate the market and users on the requirements for autonomous vehicle networks.