Autonomous delivery for Oklahoma supermarkets

Autonomous delivery vehicle company udelv has signed a deal to provide Oklahoma City’s largest local chain of grocery stores with self-driving delivery vans.

udelv said that through the deal, signed with Narnia Road and Esperanza Real Estate Investments, the BFL Company of grocery markets would become the first grocery chain in the world to make such a large-scale investment in autonomous delivery vehicles (ADVs).

The fleet of 10 ADVs will be delivered by the end of June 2019, with the first scheduled for Q1 delivery. The Level 4 autonomous cargo vans will operate with safety drivers until both companies and regulators approve them for safe driverless operation.

udelv and Esperanza Real Estate Investments will also create a tele-operations center for the remote control and monitoring of the driverless fleet’s operations in Oklahoma City.

The autonomous delivery vehicle company will supply supermarkets like Uptown Grocery, Buy for Less, Buy for Less Super Mercado and Smart Saver with its customised cargo vans to service online deliveries in the Oklahoma City metro area.

“The partnership between udelv and Esperanza and the BFL Company of stores is a historic agreement and signals the start of ADVs making everyday life easier for Americans,” said udelv CEO Daniel Laury. 

“We’re proud to be working with a visionary company committed to helping us pioneer the future of delivery technology.

“Over the next several months, udelv will work with Esperanza, local authorities, regulators and more to master miles of roads in the Oklahoma City area to ensure our vehicles can provide safe, convenient and affordable delivery services to local communities.”

Secretary of Transportation and Oklahoma Department of Transportation Executive Director Oklahoma, Mike Patterson, said a group was in place working towards integrating ADV technology.

“Oklahoma is actively developing a strategy to integrate the technology of automation through the work of the Driving Oklahoma Working Group. It is exciting to set the basis to support innovations like this and work with companies such as the Buy For Less family of brands at the forefront of its industry,” said Patterson.