Autoliv and Velodyne enter LiDAR commercialisation agreement

Automotive safety systems supplier Autoliv has signed an agreement with autonomous car LiDAR supplier Velodyne to commercialise LiDAR sensor technology.

Under the agreement, Velodyne will support Autoliv in developing an automotive grade LiDAR, which will initially be used for ‘RoboTaxis’.

The partners will both contribute components, technologies and know-how to the project as they work to improve the current generation of LiDARs and reduce the cost of the technology.

“LiDAR is an important sensor for cars to drive safely by themselves,” said Johan Löfvenholm, President of Autoliv Electronics.

“Autoliv’s vast experience in automotive design and testing and high volume manufacturing capability coupled with Velodyne’s leadership position in LiDAR technology, will fast-track the commercialization of LiDAR for traditional automotive customers and mobility providers.”