Aptiv releases public dataset for autonomous driving

Mobility technology company Aptiv has announced the release of an open-source autonomous vehicle dataset – nuScenes by Aptiv – that it hopes will help to solve a gap in the autonomous vehicle industry.

The company is seeking to support research into computer vision and autonomous driving by sharing critical safety data with the public. Aptiv says that the dataset is the first large-scale public dataset to provide information from a comprehensive AV sensor suite.

Collected from the company’s operations in Boston and Singapore, nuScenes is organised into 1,000 ‘scenes’ that represent some of the most complex driving scenarios in each urban environment.

The dataset contains 1.4 million images and 390,000 LiDAR sweeps, making it the largest multimodal 3D AV dataset released yet, according to Aptiv.

“At Aptiv, we believe that we make progress as an industry by sharing—especially when it comes to safety,” said Karl Iagnemma, president of Aptiv Autonomous Mobility.

“Our team thought carefully about the components of our data that we could open to the public in order to enable safer, smarter systems across the entire autonomous vehicle space.

“We appreciate the importance of transparency and building trust in AVs, and we look forward to sharing nuScenes by Aptiv, information that has traditionally been kept confidential with academic communities, cities, and the public at-large.”

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