Almost half of UK drivers not interested in driverless cars, says poll

Despite ongoing industry efforts to develop and promote driverless technologies, a new survey has found that almost half (49%) of motorists in the UK are not interested in fully autonomous cars.

The research by Auto Trader found that among these motorists, more than four in ten (45%) say they enjoy driving too much to find the prospect of a driverless car appealing, while nearly half (49%) claim to know too little about the technology to gauge their level of interest.

Awareness of driverless technologies is low across the board, found the poll, with only one in five of the drivers questioned (21%) claiming to know what a fully autonomous vehicle is.

Many motorists are also unconvinced by the timelines being discussed for driverless vehicles, with 44% of 17-44 year olds believing that fully autonomous cars will not be available during their lifetimes.

Auto Trader’s research, which questioned more than 5,500 UK motorists, also revealed that more than four-fifths (81%) of today’s car owners plan to continue owning a car for life.