Preparing for a driverless future – interviews with the experts

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Our new series of interviews with industry experts is designed to help you stay informed about the rapid development of autonomous technologies and driverless vehicles.

From insights into the policy decisions required for the safe deployment of driverless cars, to innovative ideas about how automated technologies will roll out in the world’s leading cities, our experts help to explain what’s likely to happen, and when.

Their insights will help you to:

  • Understand the most critical issues affecting the development of driverless vehicles;
  • Assess the impact of new, autonomous technologies;
  • Consider the policy decisions required to support the rollout of automated vehicles;
  • Track consumer attitudes towards driverless technologies;
  • Follow the ethical issues involved in autonomous driving; 
  • Anticipate the likely impact of driverless cars on your industry and organisation; and
  • Prepare for the introduction of driverless cars onto our streets.

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