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Technology Requirements for Autonomous Vehicles – Embedded Systems Conference '17

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This presentation by Linley Gwennap, Founder & Principal Analyst of The Linley Group, discusses the processor, wireless, and sensor technologies being used in the first generation of autonomous vehicles. It starts with background on important concepts such as autonomous driving levels and deep learning. It then dives into the multiple levels of software and neural networks needed and the different types of hardware (CPUs, GPUs, DSPs) used to efficiently implement them.

It also covers the different standards for vehicle (V2X) communication and the capabilities of various sensor technologies such as cameras, radar, lidar, and ultrasonic. Current products from Intel/Mobileye, Nvidia, and others provide concrete examples of actual implementations. The presentation concludes with a forecast for the rollout of autonomous vehicles, how their capabilities will improve over time, and the long-term magnitude of this market opportunity.


UBM Media


ESC Engineering Theater, San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA, US