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Self-Driving Cars, The Future is Now!

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Driverless cars have the potential to improve road safety, erase congestion and reduce pollution but if previously cars we built were passive objects, for the first time in human history we are building objects that are proactive and have autonomy thus self-driving cars hitting the roads will be the first large scale deployment of robotics. Government and car manufacturers identify benefits to this disruptive technology but the change will be associated with major socioeconomic transformation.

Before we can trust machines like autonomous vehicles, we have a number of challenges: Technical, a technology that supersede human to make decision. Legal and regulatory, who is responsible for different kind of faults and societal, how people will buy in this new technology. Will people be comfortable putting their lives in the hands of AI?

The amount of information collected by self-driving cars is also unprecedented. This highlight serious questions about the wider impact of this transformation, mostly in term of privacy and security.


Bath Digital Festival


University of Bath Innovation Centre, Carpenter House, Broad Quay, Bath, BA1 1UB, UK