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Changing gear - adapting to autonomous vehicles

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With the automated and electric vehicles bill progressing through parliament, insurers are actively preparing for the first wave of automated vehicles coming onto the roads in a few years’ time.

A panel of senior figures from Government, the insurance industry, vehicle manufacturers and legal experts will discuss what the safety benefits from this technology will mean for insurers, while also considering the new risks that they pose. In particular, a key outstanding question is how insurers access sufficient technical information and data to set competitive premiums and settle claims efficiently. 

In addition, this will also be an opportunity to consider what role the wider expertise of insurers at managing complex technological change can play in incentivising the update of automated driving – in particular, looking at the role of product liability and cyber insurance cover in protecting users of automated technology.


Association of British Insurers


Association of British Insurers - UK Head Office - London, One America Square, 17 Crosswall, London, EC3N 2LB