Phantom Auto


Phantom Auto offers a teleoperation-as-a-service safety solution for all autonomous vehicles (AVs) that includes an API for real time assistance and guidance, an in-vehicle low latency communication device, and a remote operator service.

Phantom Auto enables a remote human operator to operate an AV when it encounters a scenario which it cannot handle on its own, allowing for optimally safe testing and deployment of these lifesaving vehicles.

The reality, as stated publicly by many in the space, is that AV technology is about 98% of the way there, with the last 2% proving to be a very difficult piece of the puzzle to solve.  With Phantom Auto’s teleoperation safety solution, the technological gap from 98% to 100% can be filled with a human remote operator, thus greatly accelerating the safe testing and deployment of AVs at scale. 

Founded in 2017, Phantom Auto is headquartered in Mountain View, California and has an office in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Mountain View, California, US