Volvo, Autoliv and NVIDIA team up on advanced self-driving car systems

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Carmaker Volvo has announced that it is to join forces with automotive safety supplier Autoliv and AI and visual computing company NVIDIA to develop advanced systems and software for self-driving cars.

Artificial intelligence is the essential tool for solving the incredibly demanding challenge of autonomous driving.
— Jensen Huang, chief executive of NVIDIA

The three companies will collaborate with Zenuity, a joint venture launched by Volvo and Autoliv earlier this year, to develop ‘next generation’ self-driving car technologies.

The carmaker has committed to having Level 4 autonomous cars available for sale by 2021.

The partnership will see Volvo, Autoliv and Zenuity using NVIDIA’s AI car computing platform as the foundation for their own advanced software development.

The four partners will work together on deep learning systems that can recognise objects, anticipate threats and allow a vehicle to navigate safely. By comparing real-time awareness of the environment with a high-definition map, the system can plan a safe route and drive with precision along it.

“This cooperation with NVIDIA places Volvo Cars, Autoliv and Zenuity at the forefront of the fast moving market to develop next generation autonomous driving capabilities and will speed up the development of Volvo’s own commercially available autonomous drive cars,” said Hakan Samuelsson, president and chief executive of Volvo Cars.

Jensen Huang, chief executive of NVIDIA, said: “Artificial intelligence is the essential tool for solving the incredibly demanding challenge of autonomous driving.

“We are building on our earlier collaboration with Volvo Cars to create production ready vehicles that will make driving safer, lead to greener cities and reduce congestion on our roads.”

Autoliv chief executive Jan Carlson said: “With NVIDIA, we now have full access to the leading AI computing platform for autonomous driving.

“Autoliv, Volvo Cars and NVIDIA share the same vision for safe, autonomous driving. This cooperation will further advance our leading ADAS and autonomous driving offerings to the market.”